Evergreen Tree Care was approached by Southbank to remove one Cadaghi Tree (Corymbia torelliana) due to the fact they had a new landscape plan for the area. The plan included the installation of 4 silky Oak (Grevillea robusta) known for its vibrant orange flowers which attract native birds and bees. The plan also included 2 Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) for their amazing shade canopy and awesome show of purple flowers which end up making an amazing purple carpet below the tree.

As this is a high traffic and high profile area, Evergreen Tree Care had to follow some very strict guidelines set out by Southbank parkland’s. We needed to reduce the amount of noise where possible to minimize disruption to surrounding businesses, tourists and guests to the park. We made a plan to use Stihl electric chainsaws where possible and not to use a chipper or mulcher on site to reduce disruption. However evergreen tree care is committed to recycling 100% of its tree waste. This was done off-site and was turned into usable mulch to place in customers garden beds.

As this was an extremely sensitive site we needed to make sure we followed all the Occupational Health & Safety regulations and had quite an extensive Toolbox meeting beforehand to reduce any possible accidents from happening. We cordoned off a large worksite and had quite a few staff members on the lookout for people trying to enter through barricaded areas while works was being completed. Although there was plenty of space below the tree, the garden beds had just been freshly planted with new specimens and it was part of the job brief not to damage any of the surrounding plants.

Evergreen tree care used all the modern safety equipment and techniques to successfully climb and rig to remove the tree and complete the job in a fast and efficient manner. Nothing was damaged or broken and the client was extremely happy with the end result having the tree removed and stump ground with no damage and very minimal disruption to the general public and surrounding businesses.