Norfolk Island pine trees are commonly used as a little houseplant Christmas trees which is a living xmas tree that you can buy around this christmas holidays. Today we will look into the Care Tips on this plant and also after Christmas care. Coming up..

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Norfolk Island Pines with botanical name as Araucaria heterophylla, are native to Norfolk Island That’s somewhere between New Caledonia and Australia in the South Pacific.
They are also known as star pines, triangle trees or living Christmas trees. They may reach a height of 80 feet in their natural habitat, but they will maintain a reasonable size when grown in a container in your home.
The beauty and symmetry of the plant, as well as the soft flowing texture of the foliage will make you want to decorate it, and use it as your living Christmas tree!

Generally people buy this potted plant for Christmas and decorate it with light and bells, but then the holidays end and you are left with a seasonally dated, living plant. Just because your Norfolk pine is no longer needed after the Christmas holidays, it doesn’t mean that you need to abandon it in the trash. These plants make wonderful houseplants and This leads people to ask how to care for a Norfolk Island pine houseplant. Before going into the Care tips, people should remember to remove any artificial decorations they apply on the tree after the Christmas is over.

Care Tips and Growing Requirements for Norfolk Pines:

1. Temperature: Norfolk Island Pines may be grown in most temperature ranges. Just avoid extremes in temperature, either hot or cold, and also avoid sudden changes in temperatures.
2. Light: Norfolk Pines need bright light but never full sun. Preferably you should place your tree within four feet of a large window indoors. This Christmas Pine can even survive with only household fluorescent lighting if they receive a minimum of 16 hours of light each day. This may be effective in keeping the plant alive for a year or two, but its health will decline. There is no substitute for bright, natural light.
3. Turning the Container: Turn your Norfolk Island Pine frequently to keep it symmetrical, otherwise it may become awkward by bending to one side in seek of light.
4. Watering: Norfolks should be watered thoroughly twice or thrice a week atleast. But it depends on your local climate. Hence check the soil surface for moisture and then water the plant thoroughly, but do not keep soggy soil. During the winter months allow the soil to dry completely before watering again.
5. Soil: Any well draining soil is good for the plant. Its good to have some 10 percent compost in it.
6. Fertilizer: General Purpose NPK 20 20 20 is good, But you can also use cowdung powder on the top soil monthly once or twice.
7. Pruning: Actually its not performed on these Christmas Trees, but removing the browning or dead leafs or twigs from the lower parts of the plant is actually good for the plant.

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(I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening)

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