There are so many different types of lime trees out there. How do you pick with certainty the best one for your situation? Lime trees are fairly easy to take care of. In the spring and summertime you can practically sit them out in your yard and let them do their own thing, provided you monitor their water consumption. Be sure to watch the entire video so you can find the answer to every question you may have about lime tree care! Plant Prudently!!


Some links to products talked about/used:
Key Lime Tree –
Lady Bugs –
Zero Water –
Monterey BT –
Epsom Salt –
Chelated Iron –
Gnat Nix –
Miracle Grow Cactus & Palm –
Fox Farm Fertilizer –
Miracle Grow fertilizer –
Metal Root Rake –
Metal Root Pick –
Root Pick Trio –
Garden Gloves –
Garden Mini Shovel –
Hand Shovel –
Hand Shovel Trio –
Moisture Meter –
Spray Bottle –

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