Todays video topic is on Juniper, Golden Cypress, or Cedar plant – its info, care and propagation by cuttings. Its sometimes mistaken for Christmas tree.
Juniper, Cypress, or Cedar Shrubs all belong to Cupressaceae family. For home gardening purpose we will consider all these names as synonymous.

These are evergreen coniferous shrubs or trees in the family Cupressaceae. Based on plant taxonomy, more than 50 species or varieties of these plants are identified.
They are evergreen shrubs with needle-like and/or scale-like leaves. One thing to remember from the health perspective is, some species of these plants have allergic potentials (thats airborne or pollen allergy). If you have some one with asthma in your home, please check whether its aggravating due to this plant in your home.
The care of juniper shrub is easy because they never need pruning to maintain their attractive cone shape like a christmas tree and sometimes they are mistaken by many for the christmas tree.
These are easy to grow plants and can tolerate adverse conditions without issues.
Coming to the Care of Junipers: – Place them in a location with full sunlight and if you have planted in a pot and placed it near a wall, keep rotating the pot periodically as there is tendency to bend towards sunlight and shape of the tree may get spoilt. Also the area close to the wall may not receive adequate sunlight and may hamper growth of this plant focally.
Junipers grow in any type of soil as long as it is well-drained. And you can Fertilize the shrub with 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 NPK fertilizer once in a month. They do not require too much water and as i already said they are tolerant to any adverse conditions, which is good!
Coming to Propagation of these, you can try with some cuttings and multiply them. Try experimenting with different approaches like you see here in this video.
I have taken small cuttings of about 6 inches and removed most of the leaves. Also try the universal methods of making cuttings – thats 45 degree cutting angle with a sharp pruner and then dipping them in a rooting hormone (what i use is the cinnamon bark powder from kitchen masalas – which has antifungal properties). Insert them to about 2 inches in moist soil and leave it and keep the soil mildly moist for about 30 to 40 days and then new shoots should start their growth. The soil should be well drained mix like cocopeat, sand or plain soil mixed in proportions to make it easy to drain potting soil.

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