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In today’s video we will be talking about HOW I CARE FOR MY RUBBER TREES. At first, Rubber Trees can be a bit tricky, but let me share with you some tips I follow that lead to HAPPY & HEALTHY Rubber Trees!

💬 Plant ID:
☀️ Ficus Elastica “Ruby”
☀️ Ficus Elastica “Burgundy” / “Black Prince”
☀️ Ficus Altissima / Ficus Elastica “Lemon Lime”
☀️ Ficus Benghalensis / Ficus “Audrey”
☀️ Ficus Elastica “Shivereana”

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*Disclaimer* I do not claim to be a plant expert, what I share with you guys are the things I practice and the things I do that work for my plants. Feel free to correct me, or to give me tips, I’d be very grateful for them! :)*

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