Retired UT Extension Agent Mike Dennison talks about how to care for fruit trees in fall and winter. As fruit trees go dormant for the winter you should clean up under the trees. Get rid of fallen leaves, branches, and fruit. These items may harbor diseases and removing them will lessen disease pressure next year. Dispose of these in the trash or burn them. Over the winter you can spray dormant oil and fungicides to kill overwintering bugs and disease. Dormant oils will control many insects. Lime Sulphur will help control bacterial and fungal diseases. Fixed copper controls fungal diseases. Mike gives recommendations on when and how to use each of these. Always read and follow label directions. Another thing you can do is paint the trunk of the fruit tree with white latex paint. This acts as a sunscreen and will help keep the bark from splitting from freeze-thaw cycles in the winter and spring. Finally, fall and winter is the time to start thinking about ordering new trees to plant next year.

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