A short and sweet video of my coconut tree. She is planted in a soil mixture of seedling mix, sand grit, pumice and perlite all in equal portions. I water her maybe every 4-5 days depending on how moist the soil is. You want to let your coconuts dry out somewhat before you water them again otherwise you could waterlog them and cause the roots to rot away. This coconut also gets partial shade throughout the day in my greenhouse, not full sun or full shade. However, if you live in an area that has 70-90F degree weather all year round, then full sun should be ok. Take the tree inside during the winter months if your climate drops below 70F degrees. I shall make another update soon and may need to repot this baby. Hope you guys stick around and subscribe to my channel. Love you all so very much! leave me a like and comment as well. Tell me something you want to see in my next video and I may just post something about it! Thanks again for all of you who follow me. Take care and be safe out there!!!