Questions on citrus tree care answered in this video include questions on fertilizing citrus trees, watering citrus trees, potting citrus trees, transplanting citrus trees, pruning citrus trees, and citrus disease. Your questions are answered by Dr. Ashraf El-Kereamy, a Cooperative Extension Citrus Specialist and faculty member at the Department of Botany and Plant Science, at the University of California Riverside.

Dr. Ashraf El-Kereamy

0:00 Introduction
0:22 When and how should a citrus tree be watered and fertilized?
2:18 When growing citrus in pots, how often should I repot? And how should I do it?
3:30 Can I transplant my orange tree to a new location without killing it?
5:12 What’s a good potting mix for a citrus tree?
6:01 Are citrus tree from big box stores safe to buy? Will they be free of disease?
6:20 Which citrus trees would be risky to purchase?
6:50 How can people have their trees tested and treated for disease?
7:21 I have a large lemon tree that produced a lot of fruit, but stopped producing a couple years ago. What should I do?
8:11 I only planted one citrus tree, do I need to hand pollinate to get fruit?
8:45 My citrus tree is not producing fruit, should I graft to it?
9:52 Is it possible to plant a non-dwarf tree and restrict its height by pruning instead of buying a dwarf tree?
12:01 Is there some way that I can protect a citrus tree to grow it in a cold area?

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