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This video is all about bael/vilva tree.
1. Best bael/vilva tree care with turmeric
2. Grow bael tree in pots
3. लगाएं बेल पेड़ गमले में
4. Gardening tips
So friends … we have planted this bael or vilva tree in pot , and it grows nicely . We use to cut it in winter so that it becomes bushy and healthy . Then in summer it grows and gives beautiful leaves and it looks healthy green . This is a tree so plant it in slightly big pot . In india it is one of the sacred trees .😊 water it everyday , soil should be well drained , add cow dung (manure) to it in 2-3 months and in the video we are applying haldi or turmeric to its cut end so that no pest , insect or disease can attack . So, plz watch the video till its end .