Tree Removal and Felling

Tree Removal and Felling

Tree removal and felling occurs for a number of reasons. The tree may be dead or diseased, it may be unstable or deemed a weed species, it may be that the tree is in the wrong place for a new building or infrastructure and sometimes the tree has simply outgrown its use.
The removal of a tree is specialist task and should only be ever undertaken by an Arborist or Tree Care specialist. Cutting down a tree or trees is a dangerous task, especially if the tree is in a tricky position like near a building or power lines. Often we will dismantle a tree in stages, it’s the safest and easiest way to take down a large or difficult tree.

Whilst it may seem like tree removal is a DIY task, there are many thing that can go wrong and safety of people and property should always be paramount. A lack of knowledge, experience, planning and tools can result in serious consequences. We at T and M Tree Services take tree removal very seriously and we will always manage this task in a very planned and safe way in order to minimise risk for everyone. We have an experienced team with all the right safety equipment to complete the removal in a safe and timely manner. Please note we can also do the climb spikeless if required (sometimes this is a necessity for protection reason).

Once the tree is removed you may want to consider having the stump grinded to complete the removal process.

T and M Tree Services can get the job done for you, residential or commercial. We take a lot of pride in our work and welcome you to contact us today for an obligation free quote 1300 763 058.

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