Palm Cleaning

There are a number of different varieties of palms in South East Queensland, but the most common are the Cotton Palms and Cocos Palms. Both are large trees that require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them healthy and safe.

Many palms have berries or pods that can make a mess in your garden or pool area and often attract unwanted wildlife, mostly bats. Some palm varieties have sharp and dangerous spikes. Palm cleaning consists of the removal of the seeds and pods and any dead or unsightly fronds. Ideally this should be undertaken every 6-12 months.

We, at T and M Tree Services, have the experience and equipment to do this professionally, and if the tree is in a difficult position or has any potential issues, we can advise on what the next steps are and work with you to resolve.

T and M Tree Services can get the job done for you, residential or commercial. We take a lot of pride in our work and welcome you to contact us today for an obligation free quote at 1300 763 058.

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